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Our Services

Mini Groom

- Warm Water Bath Using Natural & Organic Premium Hair Products

- Fluff Dry by Hand

- Brush Out

- Nails Clipped & Buffed

- Ears Cleaned (ear hair removed when necessary)

- Trimming of Face, Feet, Skirt, Feathers. Withers and Tail (when necessary)

- Sanitary Trim on Belly and Privates

- Oral Hygiene Foam (Teeth Brushed upon request)

- Accessory

- Cologne upon request

Full Groom

- Includes everything in a Mini Groom plus:

- Haircut from nose to tail with scissors and clippers.

Your pet is trimmed to your specifications. Our groomer will work hard to give your pet the individual look you want that will bring out the essence of its personality. If you would rather, we can recommend a cut that will work well based on your pet's coat and lifestyle.


Grooming Prices vary depending on the breed, size, condition of coat, special needs and the behavior of your pet. Please call or text 908-330-0404 for an estimate. We do not offer multiple pet discounts for grooming services.

Nails Trimmed and Buffed - $32 inclusive of tax 

 This service is only available on days when we are grooming in your area.

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